So I have arrived in ChongQing China, famous for its spicy food and spicy women, and both are true. I ate some RIDICULOUSLY spicy Hot Pot 火锅 and met some very beautiful and spicy women…I prefer the latter….I spent the day at Foreigner Street which was….skippable…then found myself taking a bus to find ‘the spot’ for the city night shot.

Hot pot was exactly that, HOT! I mean, i was literally sweating at the table and my mouth was numb. Supposedly thats how its supposed to be…I think I’ll stick to my HangZhou Hot Pot where I can eat without the need of a towel.

It was a fun day but nothing too eventful. Tomorrow I head off with some fellow couch surfers for a fun trip to….not sure yet!

side note…i Love this city’s name…ChongQing China…Its like, when you’re little and you don’t know how to speak chinese so you go…chongqing qing chongqing chong chong qing qing…lol