Yesterday was great. Had a nice road trip…went to the cave place…the weather was great and still is great…had a nice dinner…then camped under the stars. It was a great day! and Today was even better!

After rolling up our tent we headed to a place called ‘Fairy Mountain’ or 仙女山. This place is pretty cool. Its a HUGE area of land actually, we didn’t climb the actual mountain we just visited the plains and the forest part. Supposedly in winter it snows here and looks absolutely beautiful, i will have to come back.

So once you get in to the park it’s actually quite a ways to get to the open field portion. So you can see there is a trolley train, but it was such a nice day we decided to walk. Once we arrived it was awesome. I mean, the openness of the land was just cool.

The city where I live, Hangzhou, is a city, and there is a lot of nature and parks but nothing like a BIG OPEN AREA OF LAND. This was so cool to see. I mean there were kids flying kites, riding horses, running around. It was just so cool and free. We decided to walk, and walk, and walk. We found a nice shady spot, being it extremely sunny, and took an afternoon snooze. It was awesome.

This is also one reason I like to 自由行, or travel freely without a guide. We are on our own time, we see what we want, and we are never rushed.

After the plains we found the path to the forest, which was really cool. We even found a group of horses just horsin’ around (ha! see what I did there?)

Then the forest path wrapped back around and we ended up back on the plains…where there were a bunch of goats…now I dunno about you, but in the movies you always see goats, then someone chasing them, and I’ve never been around so many goats as to where I was able to chase them. So….when you find yourself in an open field, with a lot of goats…what other choice do you have? It was goat chasing time! I felt like a kid…well I kinda am even though Im 26…and I chased those damn goats! It was so much fun…you should try it…dont be ashamed to be a goat chaser…do it…..

So after we walked a bit more, had some BBQ then headed back to the car…where I saw THE BIGGEST SUNFLOWERS I HAD EVER SEEN!!! HOLY COW Look AT THOSE SUNFLOWERS??????!!!!!!

All in all…a great freakin day