This place is a GEM. First…let’s get the basic info outta the way. Its not cheap, or easy to get to. You’re gonna spend at least 500rmb ($80) on transportation and entrance alone, not including Hotel and Meals. And its a 10 hour bus ride…yikes…But this place truly is amazing. And those who make the trek are rewarded.

Ok. So you’ve seen the pics, and you wanna go, but how? Luckily this huge touristic attraction has quite a few ways to get here.

From ChengDu Airport fly directly to HuangLong Airport (黄龙机场) There’s 3 flights a day, 11:05,12:20,16:45,takes about an hour and costs around 2620 round trip. (Pricey!)
From here you need to take the shuttle. 1.5 hours at 45rmb/way
BUS (recommended)
Get to The New South Gate Bus Station, or 新南门汽车站
From here buses leave starting at 7 (7:00/7:30/8:00/8:10) for 145 RMB. Its quite a ride and will take from 8-11 hours depending on road conditions. YIKES
Private Car
So this is what I took, because I had no choice. How to find a private car? They will find you, or just ask the shady looking guys staring at you. It costs 400 for the car, 200 if you can find someone else to take it with you. Don’t get ripped off! Pricey but it’s only 6-8 hours. ONLY!

***Once you get there***
Ok so you get there…now what. Well just follow all the people. You can’t miss the entrance. The ticket price is 220 RMB during peak season April 1st-November 15th (half if you have a student ID) and also you will need to buy a bus ticket because the park is huge and it will take forever to walk it all (unless you want to), so add another 90 rmb.
Where to stay
I recommend staying inside the park. If I remember correctly it was about 40-100 per night depending on the size of the room and availability.  Now this is NOT advertised ANYWHERE and strongly discouraged by the park staff, buuuuuutttt you can still do it. When I was there locals were even building more rooms for more capacity. Crazy right? So it helps if you speak chinese, if not some locals speak english, or you can show them this…你好,你们这里有住宿吗 (Hi, Do you provide accommodation?)

From this point…Enjoy! I recommend 2 days for the nature lovers. One half day when you get there, soak up the park and culture, then the next day to do all the touristic stuff and see all the park has to offer.