So from ChongQing to ChengDu is a 2 hour train ride, about 96.5 yuan. After arriving here I checked I went straight to the city to find out how to get to the famous JiuZhaiGou 九寨沟.

So got there (bus station) in the afternoon and by that time all the normal tourist buses that take you from the city directly to the park entrance had already left. So I was left with no option but to hire a private car, which cost me 200rmb one way. Now I planned this pretty badly and its all my fault but…I had to get there.

It was late in the day, and I knew that when I would get there the park would be closing soon BUT! I had read that you are able to stay inside the park with locals. Now this is not publicly advertised by the tourism board or anywhere for that fact, but I read a lot of stories and I had to take the chance. Either way, just the sights on the way to the park are amazing. I was kinda glad I took a private car. It was more comfortable, i was able to tell the driver to stop anywhere I wanted to snap some pics, and I could stick my camera out the window.

These photos are purely the things I came across on the way to the park. For inside the park, check the next blog post. Enjoy!